2-Minute Trick To Maximise Your Kindle Profits

2-Minute Trick To Maximise Your Kindle Profits

Here’s a simple step you can take when you start promoting your Kindle Books that can seriously ramp up your returns. It’s actually quite obvious but a lot of people miss it…

Always use an Amazon affiliate link in your promos and submissions.

Here’s a quick demo of how to set it up…


How it works…

Every time you publish a new Kindle title, you should spend a bit of time promoting it across  the web, which mostly means making submissions… using a shortened affiliate link to your book page on the Kindle store!

  • You should list it in the many new-book directory sites, book sharing sites and ebook directories. Here’s a bit list of places you can list your new Kindle book. You should list in as many of these as possible, as quickly as possible.
  • You should announce your book with a press release. Go to Fiverr.com and get someone to write a short press release about your new title and submit it to 20-30 free press release sites.
  • Announce your book yourself on all your social media accounts using your affiliate link (and ask your connections to leave a review!)
  • Finally, one of the most powerful promotion techniques is to submit excerpts to the major document sharing sites.  You can do it manually, or use the Kindle Promoter Pro software to make it fast and easy.

The main thing is, to use an affiliate link to your book page, so that every person you send to Amazon to view your book is tagged as your referral, and if they buy ANYTHING you get a commission.

Amazon is very good at generating cross sells and upsells…  people who bought this title also bought these books … so when you use an affiliate link you might make the sale on your own book plus a commission on a couple more!

Even better, if your referral goes ‘shopping’ you can make some serious commissions on bigger ticket items.

I always do this when I promote my Kindle titles and my CreateSpace titles, and every time I’ve launched a new book  I’ve seen a big spike in my Amazon Associates commissions as well. So it’s definitely worth a couple of minutes to set it up!





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