Matt Brading was born in Corowa, New South Wales in 1965. After attending boarding school in Sydney he settled there for a number of years while completing an apprenticeship in commercial cookery. He went on to spend a few years working as a chef in the NSW snowfields before heading to the warmer climates of Far North Queensland. It was there an interest in writing took hold and he started contributing both words and images to a mix of magazines on a variety of subjects.

In 1992 Matt made the first of three trips to Antarctica, where photography became an even stronger passion. He continued to work as a Chef both there and back in Australia, but mostly as a means to access and immerse himself in various remote photographic destinations. He continued to contribute to various magazines, but now the emphasis was as much on the photography as the writing.

Towards the end of 1997 Matt began working on developing an online platform for selling photography, independent of the traditional stock libraries. In October of 1998 he launched OzImages with a handful of photographer-friends, as the Internet’s first stock photography co-op and one of the very first online stock libraries.

OzImages soon became known as an innovative alternative to the mainstream stock libraries, and a viable option for independent photographers. Within a couple of years he was representing some 400 photographers from over 40 countries.

Since then Matt’s photography has taken a backseat to running what is now a network of independent stock libraries and training & resource websites for photographers.

These days his writing is focused on helping independent photographers compete and prosper in what has become an ultra competitive business dominated by a handful of multinational corporations. He has published dozens of short reports and ebooks on his own websites, and more recently on the Amazon Kindle Store where he plans to share that experience and knowledge of the industry in some more comprehensive publications.

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