Digital Darkroom

Digital Darkroom

Tutorials & Software For Professional Photo Editing

This section is another that began as a collection of resources for our Member photographers, but has since taken on a life of it’s own. When we first started OzImages, everything was still film originals and most of our photographers had very limited ‘digital’ experience.

It was often a major challenge for our photographers to get those images scanned and formatted for our stock library, and even now, with everyone capturing digital, post processing and formatting is still an area where many photographers have some serious room for improvement.

So here’s a selection of resources we’ve assembled to help them get this important part of their craft up to the same professional level as the rest of their workflow.

Photoshop Video Tutorials

Recorded by a professional portrait photographer, these 20 video screen captures walk you through his entire post processing workflow. We originally licensed these for our Members, but they were too good not to share!

So much so, this package is one of the most successful products we’ve ever released, and they still get great feedback, even though they were recorded using CS5. The fact the instructor focuses on the process and result, rather then specific commands and settings, make this a timeless package that will be extremely useful for a long time to come.

That said, they are technically out of date, so we pretty much give them away these days… you can see what a bargain it is here…

Super Photo Editing – Photography Concentrate

This is another offering from the people who really  know how to pack a whole lot of training into a course you can complete in a single weekend… or less.

This one focuses on using Adobe Lightroom to handle your post-processing and formatting, and it is exceptional.  I was a dedicated Photoshop user until Rob sent me a copy of this course… and in a matter of hours I was totally converted to Lightroom. I’l ltalk more on that below.

For now, this course is fantastic, designed to be consumed and mastered in a weekend, and it achieves that impressively. There’s too much covered to try and list it all here, so if you need to polish those digital-darkroom skills, be sure to look this over. Check out Super Photo Editing here.

Post Processing Workflow – Cambridge In Colour

This is a tutorial we found quite some time back that walks you through a complete post-processing workflow for your images. It is easily the best I’ve found and we still push our new photographers to check it out and use it as the basis for their own personal workflow. Highly recommended that you have a read now and bookmark it for later!

Photo Editing Software

Abobe Lightroom

As I mentioned above, I was a Photoshop devotee for years, but these days I’m totally converted to Lightroom!

It’s got all the photography tools of Photoshop, without the complicated learning curve or the scary price tag. Plus it has some excellent photo management tools built in. No need to make a major decision though… with the new Creative Cloud approach from Adobe, you can test-drive it for yourself for about $10 a month.

You can check it out on Amazon here or look at the Creative-Cloud options here.

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