Getting Organised For Stock

Getting Organised For Stock

Getting Organised For Stock

Getting Organised For Stock

If you’re finding the prospect of ‘getting organised’ to start selling your photography a bit daunting, this will help.

A lot of people worry (mistakenly) that they have to organise, catalogue and caption every single photo they’ve ever shot… before they start selling their photography through a stock library.

The thing is, when you submit to a library you are actually cataloguing and captioning your work, so submitting to a library is actually going to get you organised.

And the last thing you want to do is waste time double handling everything?

I personally think it makes a lot more sense to just get started, and have your images published and working for you as you go. You could spend 3-6 months getting organised first, but that means you’re still 3-6 months away from the first chance of a sale.

Much better to publish each set of images as soon as it’s ready, and give yourself the  opportunity to make some sales from them straight away.

That said, there are some chores you should cover before you start, and the link below goes to a short ebook that will walk you through them.

There’s no opt-in required… just right click and save… though if you find it useful, please feel free to give this page a share and leave your comments below!

Download Getting Organised For Stock


Please Note: This is a guide we published for photographers who are looking at getting involved with GlobalEye. If you arrived here from somewhere else, you can find out more about selling your photography through GlobalEye here.


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