Getty jumps on the free image bandwagon… and why we’re not worried!

Getty jumps on the free image bandwagon… and why we’re not worried!

In case you missed it…  Getty images has just announced they’re going to make some 35 million images from their collection available for free. No surprise, the move has caused quite a stir among their photographers.

Getty say it’s a response to online piracy… in which case the reasoning seems to be that the images are being used without permission anyway, so if they give them away instead then there’s no harm being done?!

“We can’t stop you stealing so we’ll give it to you instead… that way there’s no theft?”

If only the banks worked that way!

More likely it’s just move like a move by Getty to grab a share of the massive cheap/free image market. That can be quite lucrative for the image distributors though it doesn’t do much for the photographers.

Some commentators are already suggesting it won’t be long until the embedded images have advertising overlaid automatically… much like shared YouTube videos… in which case it’ll be interesting to see how much of that revenue makes it to the photographers?

What’s particularly disappointing is that once again the photographers don’t have a say in the matter… except to pull their images. And from some of the emails I got over the weekend, that might not be as easy as it sounds either.

All this also got me thinking that might be a good time to share a simple strategy we’ve been using for quite a few years now…

One that any photographer can use to protect their business from this kind of thing.

It will show you how you can knock the big libraries off the first page of Google and make all those ads for free and cheap images almost invisible!

You can check it out here…

This is a video training package we’ve been selling up until now, but from here on it’s free to any photographer who can use it. It’s just our way of saying don’t let the b******s  get you down, and NEVER for a minute think that you’ve got to give your work away just to stay in the game!

The videos above will show you a simple repeatable system to get your content topping the search engines for all your key subjects, and make sure you’re the first photographer a buyer considers when they need your images.

Better still, it’s a process the mainstream stock libraries aren’t structured to use, so you get a tangible advantage over all those distributors who lack the imagination to compete on anything but price!

So if you’re feeling a bit disheartened with stock photography… and wondering if it’s still worth the effort… make sure you check this out ASAP because stock photography is alive and well…

The mainstream libraries might be locked in their race-to-the-bottom, but that just leaves so much more room at the top for the rest of us!



PS. The presentation is a set of videos we recorded a couple of years back. The sound is a bit rough in a couple of places, but never for long, so please bear with it! If you find it useful, please remember to give it a share or a like … I’ve posted in on our new resource blog, so we can really use the social boost!

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