GlobalEye Stock Launch Giveaway

GlobalEye Stock Launch Giveaway

GlobalEye Stock Launch Giveaway

GlobalEye Stock Launch Giveaway

Thanks for your interest!

As part of the GlobalEyeStock launch, we’ve put together a very special package of all our most popular photographer downloads… free and paid… into a single collection.

And we’re giving it away to any one who wants it.

The only catch is, we’re asking for you to share the link first on your social media accounts.

Get Your Downloads Here!

Here’s What You’ll Get…

We’re still adding to this, so there’s probably a few surprises already in there that we haven’t listed below, but this should give you the idea…



Stock Photography Answers



Stock Photography Process Maps



Simple Photography Pricing



Wedding Photography Tips



Recession Busting Stock Photography

Another GlobalEye publication originally published during the GFC when a lot of people were struggling and a few were doing better than ever! This short report looks at what they were doing differently.



Photo Buyer Research Templates

These are some PDF forms for researching your potential photo buyers and which of their specific image needs you can meet.


HubPages Blueprint

This is a high PageRank network where you can easily create ‘content’ pages relevant to your photographic subjects, and then direct the resulting traffic and ‘link juice’ back to your main photography website.


LinkedIn Leverage

Of all the social networks, LinkedIn is easily the best for professional networking, and this guide looks at using that strength to generate ‘local’ leads for local businesses … so it’s a great tool to promote your photography business locally as well.

Pinterest For Photographers

This one’s a GlobalEye report we put out when Pinterest first announced their Business Pages’. We’d ignored it up until then, but now we’ve gotten on board, we get a lot of exposure and traffic from this busy visual-social network.


Facebook Timeline For Photographers

This is a quick guide we put together for GlobalEye photographers when Facebook introduced their Timeline Page format. Moist people will be familiar with it by now, but if you’re just venturing onto Facebook, it might help you get set up faster.


Creating Your Own Videos



Copywriting Basics



Successful Freelancing


 Freelance Writing Tips and Know How3

Freelance Writing



Kindle Publishing For Beginners



14 Point Web Copy Analysis



Premium Web Elements Vols 1,2 & 3


Geo Clipart


Google Plus For Business

This is a full sales presentation on the benefits of Google Plus, originally for anyone selling their services to other Clients, setting up Google Plus pages for them. For all that, it’s also a good intro to the Google+ platform and how you can use it yourself.

Chunk Copy

This is a complete copywriting ecourse, with templates, guides and video instruction.


Easy Icon Maker



Graphics Ease

Big collection of website header and ecover templates… just add your own text and clipart.



Azon WordPress Theme

This theme creates a complete Amazon affiliate shop on your blog that you can ‘stock’ with any products you like. Then you just send traffic and earn commissions on all sales.


Digital Photography Adsense Blog

Set this up and generate some additional hands-free income using Google Adsense. Some technical skill is required, but it can be well worth the effort, especially if you also add some of your own (written) content and really make it your own.



Photography Affiliate Website

Quite basic but a good starting point for a simple website promoting a selection of photography related affiliate products. If you use it, be sure to write/buy some original articles!



300+ HTML Website Templates

These are quite old by now, but might be a useful starting point for some more modern web designs!


Powerpoint Presentation Templates



100 Premium WordPress Themes

Quite a mix of designs here. Nothing too sophisticated, but plenty of good basic blog themes you can use as is, or tweak with your own graphics and colors.


Photoshop Secrets Revealed

Two volume set of 20 high quality Photoshop tutorials. Watch over-the-shoulder as a professional portrait photographer shows you how to do all the essential post processing and correction steps to create stunning digital images.


Public Speaking Extraordinaire

Becoming A Wildly Successful Speaker Has Never Been Easier!…

Discover How To Overcome Your Fear Of Public Speaking, Hold Your Audience Spellbound, Empower People To Answer Your Offers Instantly… And Master It All In Just 3 Days! Forget everything you have been led to believe about public speaking.

Pinterest Traffic Smasher

Step by step video course that shows you how to brand your company & become thought leader in your field. Generate traffic and branding with Pinterest with this simple and easy-to-follow system starting today!

Social Media Traffic Takeover

Powerful strategies for generating free traffic from the major social media network sites like Facebook Twitter and more.


Video Marketing For Photographers

This is a quick overview originally published for GlobalEye Photographers, showing how to use short Slideshow Videos to promote their website. The process is super quick and very effective… highly recommended!



Sales Page Video Creation

Create professional videos to promote your products, deliver your message and drive traffic to your website. Video is a powerful medium, almost purpose-built for photographers, once you know how to make the kinds of sales videos that work.


Blogging For Photographers

This is a short presentation dealing with some of the main mistakes photographers make when incorporating ‘blogging’ into their marketing strategy. Most see the potential value of blogging, but few actually get it right…



WordPress For Photographers

We’ve put together the ultimate WordPress Video Tutorial package so anyone can make a professional blog website to showcase their work. It starts with the basics, then quickly moves on to show you all the more advanced features that make WordPress so popular.


Using Amazon S3 Storage

Short series of videos showing you how to set up an account on Amazons cloud-based S3 platform, and use the various upload and download options, security settings and more. This is a great value / high volume backup option for photographers!


Guide To Digital Cameras



Posing For The Camera



Photo Judging Self Assessment Checklist



Web Hosting For Photographers


Photo Site Secrets



Flash Photography guide



Photographers Web Reference



Email Marketing Dynamo


List Blueprint


List Building Explained


Enhance your Financial Intelligence

Strategies For Taking Control Of Your Finances. There are a few really good ideas in this one, though it’s definitely geared towards the Internet Marketing crowd. It isn’t all that long though, so if you can filter out the hype then you’ll probably find this worth a read.


Internet Marketing Blueprint

Introduction To internet Marketing

Thyis is a fairly exensive introduction to some of the ways people are maknig money through Internet Marketing. To me Internet Marketing is mostly people making money by telling other people how to make money … so there’s a lot of room for scams and the like. In this case, this book has some good information to help you sort through it all, if you’re interested.


Online Freelancing Success


Article Submitter




Directory Submitter




Quick QR Maker



 BacklinkRSSFedd Super-Creator

RSS Feed Maker




Twitter Poster




Password Helper




Project Manager

This project management software offers the easiest and fastest way to monitor and keep track of the amount of tasks/projects you have on hand. You can list down all your projects/tasks that you need to complete and never have to worry about missing your deadlines.




Power Search

Instead of going to your favourite search engines one by one, PowerSearch lets you trawl all the major search engines from one interface. You don’t even need to open a web browser! Select to show the top results from each search engine and save all your search results into a simple, easy to read file that can be stored onto your computer for future reference.




Trend Tracker

This handy utility tracks search activity on Google to help you quickly identify emerging trends. Identify news, trends and crazes before they happen.





Remember, you only have to post a link to your social media sites, or send it directly to anyone who might be interested, and you’ll have immediate access to all this and more.

This offer is only available during the launch though, so don’t leave it too long!







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