Photography Marketing

Photography Marketing

Welcome to my personal website, version #17 or #18…

I set up my first ‘photography’ website back in 1997  and I’ve been starting over on a regular basis ever since. That’s one of the great things about the web though… you can try stuff out and if you decide it’s not quite how you want it, it’s easy enough to take it down and start over.

Well that’s what I’m doing here… I’ve accepted that my own photography has taken a back-seat to my various photography marketing websites and services, so it’s about time I got serious and set up my own website to reflect that.

I’m also doing a little rationalisation and streamlining of my operations.

I currently post to a heap of different websites and blogs, so I’m setting this up so I can post everything here and use a neat automation tool to have those articles reposted to the other websites. Hopefully that will make it easier to write more articles and share great new content. I’ve got a heap of great blog post ideas on my to-do list, so here’s hoping.

Over time I’ll be updating all the listings of the GlobalEye websites, plus I’ll be adding special ‘back-door’ discounted access to our large range of digital products and ebooks. When that’s done I might even try to get some of my own photography published here… one day.

For now, please have a look around and remember to bookmark this page before you leave. Feel free to leave your comments and if you’d like to  give us a Social Share, it will be much appreciated!

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