Photography Blogs & News Sites

Photography Blogs & News Sites

Photography Blogs & News Sites

Here’s a random selection of some of my favourite photography blogs, tutorials and news sites. It’s an eclectic mix, though to be honest I hadn’t been back to a lot of them for quite a while until I started preparing this post… now I’m itching to spend an afternoon poking around.

Lots here so please enjoy…if you do visit any of these, please take a moment to give them a thumbs-up, or down, to give the other Members an idea of their quality/value. (And if you have any suggestions, post them in the comments section and we’ll look at adding them!)

1. Popular Photography Magazine | Pop Photo

22 | | 0 |

Digital Camera Reviews, Photography Tips, Camera Buying Guide, Industry News and more. From the editors of Popular Photography Magazine.

2. Adorama Learning Center

20 | | 0 |

Expert photography blogs, tips, techniques, camera reviews. This is a very extensive resource with tutorials and tips for just about any photographic technique you can imagine.

3. PetaPixel

20 | | 0 |

Photography blog, tips & tutorials, digital camera reviews, industry news and more. Lots of great articles on running and promoting your photography business.

4. SLR Lounge

19 | | 2 |

Photography Tutorials, Photography Tips, Lightroom and Photoshop Lessons, Photography Equipment Reviews, WordPress Themes. Even more for Premium users though I haven’t checked that area out yet.

5. Chase Jarvis Blog

19 | | 0 |

This is one of the best Photography Business blogs I’ve found so far… packed full of practical advice, always entertaining and relevant to a range of fields.

6. Stuck In Customs | Trey Ratcliff

17 | | 0 |

Another great example of an engaging photography blog … great photography, practical advice, valuable tutorials and tips… all rewarding the visitor for their attention. Excellent HDR tutorial for those interested and some amazing travel pics/stories worth checking out.

7. Fstoppers

17 | | 0 |

Fstoppers is a community based website that showcases photographers latest behind the scenes videos and productions. There is an extensive archive of articles and tutorials, videos and more.

8. Zack Arias • Blog

17 | | 0 |

Zack Arias uses his blog as both a place where he’ll post very useful resources/guides/tutorials as well as place simply to share his recent work. There’s a real ‘personal’ flavour to a lot of his posts, but if you want to focus on educational materials, there’s plenty there to be found.

9. Photo Resource Hub – Skip Cohen University

16 | | 0 |

This one has had a few name changes in recent years, but keeps getting better with each incarnation. It’s a major content hub for photographers with a lot of very high quality educational material. It can be a bit confusing at first, but once you work out where to find the content that interests you most, you’ll be back often.

10. Black Star Rising

16 | | 1 |

Black Star Rising was one of the original photo agencies, and was very much committed to mentoring and educating their photographers. Right now this site hasn’t been updated for quite a while, but there’s still a lot of good information there, so take a look before it disappears forever…

11. PDN (Photo District News)

14 | | 0 |

The award-winning monthly magazine for the professional photographer, has been covering the professional photographic industry for over three decades. provides up-to-the-minute industry updates, news, contest information and much more. PDN is one of those sites that you can keep going back to over and over, and you’ll almost always discover something new, interesting and totally unexpected.

12. The Luminous Landscape

12 | | 0 |

The web’s most comprehensive site devoted to the art of landscape and nature photography using traditional as well as digital image processing techniques. This one can get a bit frustrating as a lot of the content is only for subscribers… but at $1 month, it might be a good investment for the landscape shooters?


12 | | 1 |

Photography, How to Take Better Pictures, Recommended Cameras, Nikon, Canon and LEICA Camera and Lens Reviews, and more!

14. A Photo Editor

11 | | 0 |

A Photo Editor (APE) is edited by Rob Haggart, the former Director of Photography for Men’s Journal and Outside Magazine. Articles are often about business/legal and the industry. Lots of useful insights from a photo buyer’s perspective.

15. Lighting Essentials

11 | | 0 |

Learn Lighting, Photography, Fashion and Editorial Portraiture on Location and In Studio. Portable Strobes, Studio Flash and Natural Light Photography. Lighting for Photographers, Photographic Tutorials, Assignments, Learn to Light for Photography.

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