Post Videos Instead of Photos To Social Media

Post Videos Instead of Photos To Social Media

Post Videos Instead of Photos To Social Media

A lot of photographers are still very suspicious of Social Media and refuse to post photos in case they get taken and used elsewhere without permission. In one way they’re right… it’s almost certainly going to happen!

If you post photos to social media, people are going to share them or repost them. And sooner or later someone is going to see one and think, hey, that would look great on my blog!

So there is a trade off there… you have to weigh up the exposure and leads you might get, versus the ‘cost’ of putting a few images out there.

You can of course mitigate that cost, simply by ‘watermarking’ your images with your name, brand or website. When you do that, it actually works in your favour: when people republish your images they promote your brand or your link.

And if they do it via social media, you’re usually going to get an automatic credit and backlink as well.

(I’m not suggesting that serves as payment, but if you view this as a marketing exercise, that sort of ‘direct benefit’ is a bonus!)

That’s always been my approach… prepare and post images that I WANT people to share, tweet, republish, use elsewhere.  (My connections might see some nice photos, but I’m seeing carefully constructed marketing graphics!)

Still, some photographers just don’t like it, and feel that ANY unauthorised use is just not on. I’ve talked to a few at length and I understand where they’re coming from…

They like to control their brand and have the final say on where and how and where their images are used.

As the creator and the owner, that’s their right and I’d never question that.

But that stance shouldn’t mean they have to forego the benefits of social media either…

That’s where Video comes in…

Instead of posting photos… watermarked or not… why not post short slideshow videos?

  • The photos are embedded in a compiled video, so can’t be accessed individually.
  • Your branding and message is firmly attached to the images
  • And it’s a format that people are going to share for you!

At best someone could grab a screenshot… but a screen grab of a paused video?

It’s hard to imagine anyone wanting to republish that even on a personal blog?

Especially when they could just as easily embed the video in their site!

So if you have avoided posting images to social media, maybe it’s time to reassess the risk/reward and test the waters. Check out our new Video Marketing For Photographers package, and give it a try.

If you think you haven’t got the time or expertise… you’ll be surprised.

We’ve got a step-by-step guide on the way that will get your first marketing video published and working for you in 30 minutes or less… stay tuned!








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