Promote Your Photography Business With Google Maps

Promote Your Photography Business With Google Maps

Promote Your Photography Business With Google Maps

This is an optional-extra step you can take to give your Google My Business listing a real boost… often right to the top of the photography-related search results!

It’s a part of our Google My Business Action Plan for Photographers…  it will make more sense if you read that first, especially if you arrived on this page from somewhere else.

The idea is quite simple…

  1. Once your Business listing is verified, you locate it using Google Maps.
  2. You create and save a Google Map showing your business.
  3. Then you embed that map in a number of relevant websites. (ie Photography)
  4. And then you bookmark and backlink each of those web pages.

So first of all, Google sees that your Map and your Business listing are the same entity. The embeds then provide an indication of value and engagement, while the bookmarks and backlinks provide context and relevance.

The combined impression is one of ‘authority’… and Google ranks your My Business page accordingly. In our initial tests we’ve moved a couple of previously unlisted photographers into the top 3, and others who were listed top 10 (not visible on the first search results page) got the coveted top spot on page one. This works!

The first step in all this however is to make sure you have set up a fully optimized Google My Business Listing. That is where you tell Google which keywords and phrases you want to rank for, so make sure you complete that first!

This embed & backlink process can work extremely well, but only if you’ve laid the foundation with plenty of relevant content on your Google My Business page.

Step 1. Locate Your Business

First of all, login to Google and look for Google Maps…


Enter your Business Name, Suburb & State in the search form to locate your business. If you get a few choices, just click on your own listing. (If you can’t find it, click the link and follow the prompts to add it to Google Maps!)



Once you click on your business, you’ll see an option to ‘Share’ the map… click that and then look for the embed code.

Copy all of that to a PLAIN TEXT FILE.

( It will start with <iframe… )



GlobalEye Members can stop here. Just copy that embed code and your full business name into an email and send it to us… and we’ll take care of the rest.

We are currently offering this same service to a LIMITED number of non-Members, to gauge demand and see if it’s something we want to add to our offerings  permanently. You’ll find full details at the end of this post.

Otherwise, you can still get some pretty good results yourself if you’re prepare to put in a bit of time and effort…

Step 2. Embed Your Google Map

First of all, you want to embed your map anywhere you can.

For best results you also want to include other media-rich content… a short article related to your field of work, some ‘local’ news related to your location, a sample photo and/or a YouTube video.

Make a few changes to the title and article with each submission, swap out the photos or video, rearrange the order… so you’re creating something that’s at least partially unique.

Start with your own website and blog, any of your social media accounts and and web 2.0 sites you might use, such as Tumblr,, Blogger, Live Journal etc. Local business directories are also very good and quite a few will embed a map automatically.

This embedding process really is effective, so if you don’t have access to your own web 2.0  properties, I’d  recommend you set some up, or else use to have your map published to some existing sites. There’s a number of people there who will embed your map in multiple Web 2.0 sites for you.

Please proceed with caution anytime you use Fiverr

Always choose gigs with plenty of good reviews and don’t be swayed by the person offering to do more than everyone else.

If the numbers are significantly higher than everyone else, then the quality will almost certainly be low.  And for SEO gigs, that will do you more harm than good.

Look for gigs that allow you to nominate a broad category. We’re trying to create context and relevance, so 25-50 submissions to arts/recreation/photography sites will be far more effective than 200 submissions to totally unrelated sites.

Also, make sure you get a full report… You want to know where the maps are embedded so you can link to them. That’s next.

Step 3. Bookmark The Embedded Maps

Next you want to visit each of the embeds and bookmark that page in a few bookmarking services.

If you are doing the embedding yourself and there’s not too many, you can do this as you go.

  • Make sure you’ve got at least 4-5 different social bookmarking accounts
  • Bookmark 1-3 embedded maps in all of the accounts per day
  • Then move on to the next batch the next day and repeat
  • Depending how many embeds you have, try to spread the bookmarking out over 1-3 weeks.

If you use a Fiverr gig to get a large number of embeds, you might find it best to outsource the bookmarking as well. If you’re on a budget though, just add the various bookmark tools to your browser, then start at the top of your list and work your way through.

Step 4. Backlink The Embedded Maps

Finally you can really ramp this up if you create a few good quality links to each of the embeds.

The best explanation of ‘high quality’ is to always try to create links where you think they might be useful in helping interested people find your content.

3-5 backlinks to each embedded map is plenty, as long as the backlinks are all on relevant webpages … ie related to photography or your location … on a mix of websites, blogs and social media accounts.

You definitely don’t want 100 links on a single website, all going to different embeds of the same map.

You’ll do much better if you mix it up and only ever post a couple of links on any one web property.

If you don’t have access to multiple web 2.0 sites, aim for quality backlinking instead. Pick a few of the best ‘quality’ websites where you embedded your map and build a few links to each of those.

You can do this from your own websites, social media accounts or get a bit creative and add links when posting (appropriate/relevant) comments to other people’s blogs, posting in forums etc. You only need a handful of links to each embedded map, so you are better off doing just a few pages really well, than doubling up on links from the same property.

One shortcut is to use a backlink generator site.

These build a lot of links quickly and easily but they are generally very low quality with very little SEO value at all. You might pick up a couple of quality backlinks in the mix, but their main purpose is to get your content discovered and indexed.

You can save a bit of time by using a few of these to backlink a few of your map embeds.

There’s a lot of these out there if you do a search for ‘backlink generator’, but here’s a few I’ve used in the past to get you started…


If you do use these, the best advice is do it slowly and very selectively.

Don’t submit all your map embeds… keep at least half of them aside and manually create a few high quality backlinks for each of those.

Don’t submit any single embed urls to more than one service. Where you have a choice for the number of backlinks to create, choose the lowest number.

Wait a couple of days between batches. ie Find 10 generator sites and submit 10 embed urls. Wait a few days then submit 10 more, and so on.

Use this to save some time if you have a lot of embeds, but don’t rely on it entirely and don’t over do it.

Remember quality is much more valuable to you, so one link where a potential customer will see it is worth 1000 of these quick links that will only be seen by the search engines.

However you go about it though, the process here is very powerful.

First up you’re using Google’s own Maps platform to add value and context your My Business listing… this puts it firmly on their ‘local search’ radar.

Embedding the Google Map in multiple photography-related sites and local directories reinforces that context… telling Google that the map and the listing are both relevant to people searching for similar services in your area.

And the bookmarks and backlinks make sure your efforts are noticed and the message is received… loud and clear… that the content is both valuable and relevant.

Try it and see… and make sure you call back here in a few weeks and share your results!


Looking For A Hands-Free Alternative?

If you’d rather not bother with all this, you can leave it all to us… either by coming on board with GlobalEye where you can access all our built-in marketing tools and services… or by using our paid option below.

This is a brand new service we originally set up for our Member Photographers, but the results have been so impressive and the feedback so good, we’ve decided to offer a limited number of places to our newsletter subscribers.

You just send us the embed code for your map and we’ll do the rest

  1. We’ll embed your map in 300 relevant blogs.
  2. We’ll bookmark each of those embeds 3 times.
  3. We’ll backlink each of those embeds 3 more times.

We have access to a vast network of photography related Web2.0 blogs, plus a similar network of relevant Bookmarking accounts, so all these posts are high quality and totally relevant to your business. Allowing for some unsuccessful submissions, this process will ensure you get at least 200 map embeds and well over 1000 bookmarks and backlinks.

So if your business listing is verified and your page is well optimized, you should see a significant improvement in your rankings in the next 30 days.

This level of submission process would take you dozens of hours to do manually, assuming you had access to all the necessary web 2.0 sites and bookmarking accounts… or multiple purchases of several different Fiverr gigs to achieve the same results… so I think you’ll agree the price below is a bargain.

It gets even better though

This is a new service we’re offering on a new website, so for a limited time we’re offering a very generous discount in return for a little help!

To qualify for the discounted price, we are asking for a backlink to our new website and we’re asking that you leave it in place for at least three months.

This must be from an actual website or blog… no social media accounts sorry!

You can link to any page on our website. We’ll provide a sample links to a few pages after you order.

Obviously there’s nothing to stop you removing it as soon as your campaign is complete, but I expect when you see the results, you’ll choose to leave it there indefinitely!

We can only run a limited number of these campaigns at a time, so places will be allocated on a first-come first served basis.

To take advantage of this offer, simply choose an option below and make your payment via PayPal. You’ll then be directed to form where you can submit your business name and map embed code.

If you select the discount option, you will need to add our link to your site and include the URL where we can check that as well. (We’ll give you a couple of cut-and-paste code samples to make that easy for you too!)

Then as soon as we receive your information we will double check your map and if all is in order, we’ll launch your submissions immediately.

Please choose an option to get started…

Google Maps Campaign – Discounted



You will need to provide a backlink to Instructions will provided after your payment is processed.

Google Maps Campaign – Standard



Use this option if you are NOT going to post a permanent backlink to

Please Note:

  • Your order will be processed on PayPal’s secure server, after which you’ll be brought back here and prompted for the info we need to launch your campaign.
  • To get the best results you should have Verified Your Business and Optimised Your Business Page. You can be doing this while we run our submissions… they do take a few weeks… but you should double check that you have the essentials covered before ordering.
  • This offer is a market test and depending on the workload it generates, we reserve the right to adjust the pricing accordingly or withdraw it entirely.




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