Publish your first marketing video in the next 30 minutes!

Publish your first marketing video in the next 30 minutes!

Publish your first marketing video in the next 30 minutes!

Publish your first marketing video in the next 30 minutes!

We’ve been getting some great feedback on the video marketing packagethank you!… but there is one recurring theme to the comments…

“this sounds great but I just haven’t got the time to learn anything new just now”

If that sounds familiar for you too, then help is at hand.

This really isn’t difficult or time consuming. In fact, we’ve put together a step-by-step guide in the infographic below that will lead you through the process start to finish, literally in 30 minutes or less.

It uses a free account at Animoto, a handful of images and about 2 paragraphs of text.

You create your vdeo, publish it in multiple locations and use built in tools to bookmark those posts in multiple social media services.

Job done, move on to the next project…

This really is simple, and while the videos you make aren’t going to be creative masterpieces, they are still very effective for marketing your photography business. And you can always create something a little more substantial once you know how it all works.

For now, here’s the infographic… if you find it useful, please Pin on Pinterest or share this page.


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A Couple of Final Thoughts…

You will need a YouTube Account… if you have GMail already, that only takes a second to set up so you can do that while your video is being compiled. By the time your video is ready, so is your YouTube account!

Plus you’ll get a lot more value if you have a few social accounts as well… Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest are my staple set these days, but if you don’t have any yet, then Facebook and Twitter are probably your best options for maximum value from minimum time.

The Animoto free account only lets you create 30 second videos, and restricts the number of images so maybe only use the last Call-To-Action text frame and leave out the first.

If you want ot go longer, you can upgrade or maybe join two videos together? From time to time they do seem to offer a free trial of pro features… if you see that, and you like the service, give it a run. $40 for a year of Pro is pretty good value if you’re going to make a few videos.


This process will also work much the same with VideoMakerFX… my preferred tool these days… no time restrictions on the videos, as many images or frames as you like, total control over transitions, effects, timing and best of all, no Animoto logo at the end!

You can grab VideomakerFX here for about what you’d pay for just one year of Animoto, so be sure to check that out first if you’re considering upgrading.




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