Web Design & Development

Web Design & Development

Photographer-Friendly Web Hosting & Website Development

We’re currently expanding the offering from PhotoWebHost.net, a reseller site we originally set up so we could offer GlobalEye Photographers wholesale pricing on Domain Registration & Web Hosting. Over time our customer-base has grown considerably, so we can no offer even greater savings. Check out the current specials here.

ProImag.es Managed WordPress Hosting

This was another project that began as an extra for our Members, but has since taken on a life of it’s own. It began as our popular Instant Photography Websites package and is now a simple, plug-and-play website solution for photographers. If you’re in need of a simple platform to showcase your work without having to learn all the technical side of things, be sure to check this out.

Website Design & Development Services

While my core business is built around the stock library network and the associated photography websites, I do try to take on a couple of external web development projects each year. The projects vary considerably in both business type and website style & function.

I find it’s both refreshing and inspiring to step back from the photography sites from time to time and look at the website development & marketing processes for an entirely different business. There’s always much I can offer from our experiences, and I usually get plenty of new ideas to take back to the photo network.

If you have a web design, development or marketing project that you’d like to discuss, please do get in touch. I mostly work alone on these projects, thought I have a small team of programmers, designers and copywriters I call on as required. I won’t promise to take on every job offered, but if I can’t assist I will try to connect you with someone who can.

You’ll find links below to some of the websites I’ve built for my non-Photographer Clients, plus a couple I built to flip but grew attached to, so they’re still here. Enjoy!

The GlobalEye Network

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