This website is part personal blog, part business directory and part publishing hub.

matthsThe short explanation of all that is, this is my content management system that I use to publish all kinds of photography / photography-business content, that is then syndicated across the GlobalEye network.

It also works as a kind of private business directory to help me keep track of all the different website projects we’ve got on the boil… mostly they are part of the GlobalEye network, but if you look around you’ll find a few other interests are covered as well.

And finally there’s the personal blog angle… well that one’s a work in progress and quite possibly in the wishful thinking category for a while yet, but that’s the plan… one day I’ll get the time to post more of my photography and articles. One day…

Right now I’m in the process of updating this website (yet again!)  so it’s a bit mixed up at the moment. I hate to think how many times I’ve started on this update process… always with the best of intentions… only to be sidetracked before the job was done.

We’re currently launching the new GlobalEyeStock website for our stock library, plus there’s the usual dozen other projects on the boil, so there’s a good chance it won’t get finished this time either … but I long since accepted that any good website is always a work in progress!

So for now, please have a look around… leave a comment or give it a share if you feel the urge… and if you’d like to connect, the newsletter opt-in will deliver a weekly summary of all new posts direct to your inbox.

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